Flower Care Essentials

There are a few simple steps that can make your flowers fresh longer. Keep reading to find out more!
Step 1 - Remove your packaging
The first step is to remove all the packaging.
Step 2 - Remove foliage
Remove leaves that are at the end of the stems, so they are not sitting below the waterline.
Step 3 - Fill water
Take a clean vase and fill it with water. The water should cover about 2-3 inches of the stems. Use cold water if you want to keep your flowers fresh for a long time. Use warm water if you are trying to open up the flowers. *But please note that when you change your water after every couple of days, you will want to use cold water to keep you flowers fresh for longer.
Step 4 - Find the right location
Make sure that your vase is not in direct contact with the sunlight. Try to find a shaded, cool area to keep your flowers fresh.
Follow steps 5,6 & 8 after 2 days.
Step 5 - Remove discoloured/dying flowers
Remove any flowers or petals that are wilting/dying. Doing this will not only give a fresher look, but will also avoid contaminating flowers that are still blooming.
Step 6 - Cut the stems
Once you have removed the flowers and petals in Step 5, the next step is to cut the stems. You can use a sharp scissor or a pruning cutter to trim the stems (about 1-2 inches). To ensure that flowers absorb more water, cut your stems diagonally at a 45 degree angle.
Step 7 - Change your water
Empty your vase and rinse it with water. Fill your case with water to cover about 2 inches of the stems.
Repeat Steps 5 to 7 every two days.